Too Much Is Tacky

Tacky pink flamingosToo much of a good thing can be devastating to your home’s curb appeal. In simpler terms, it can be downright tacky. I’ve seen some lovely yard art but when you start “collecting” it in your front yard it can turn your home into the neighborhood eyesore. At that point you are referred to as the people with all the junk in their yard and your last name becomes obsolete. On the bright side, you are easy to find in the neighborhood. Just tell the pizza delivery guy that you are the house with all the junk in the front yard and your pizza will arrive piping hot.

In reality, no one wants to be this person in the neighborhood. We all want to have a home we can be proud of. Think of your kids waiting for the bus in front of your home and all the kids laughing as the bus pulls up to the house with all the junk in the yard. Great curb appeal is more important than you thought. It can help keep your kids from being bullied at school.

There is nothing wrong with having a hobby or collecting things that make you happy, but don’t assume it’s going to make your neighbors happy as well. Being a good neighbor is seeing the big picture for the entire neighborhood and realizing that your tacky home can bring down property values for everyone. Just because people in the neighborhood are nice to your face doesn’t mean they like what you have done to your home. Trust me; you are being talked about at everyone’s dinner table in the neighborhood. How do you think kids learn curse words?

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Too much is tacky so don’t be the house in the neighborhood that looks like you are having a yard sale every day. Keep it simple and think about what your home’s curb appeal says about you. It’s a reflection of who you are as a person and no one wants to be considered tacky, or at least no one I know. Your kids not being targeted for bullying and not cursing…come on, that should be enough reason to keep your curb appeal dazzling – unless hot pizza is more important to you.