5 Easy Ways To A Fabulous Front Door

Freshen up the paint – A dull front door makes a bad first impression Add new hardware – An easy fix to help make your front door inviting Clean around your front door – Make sure spider webs, dirt and grime are not bringing down the appearance of your entry Add plants or flowers – add some symmetry with plants and/or flowers on either side of the … [Read more...]

Paint…Can We Talk?

Paint is like make-up for your home so let’s talk about what looks good and what sells. Sure, pastels are great if you live in a Victorian but otherwise, I advise against pastels. Your home should blend in with the landscape so neutrals and earth tones are your best bet, especially for resale. Consider any other materials on your home before picking a … [Read more...]

Too Much Is Tacky

Too much of a good thing can be devastating to your home’s curb appeal. In simpler terms, it can be downright tacky. I’ve seen some lovely yard art but when you start “collecting” it in your front yard it can turn your home into the neighborhood eyesore. At that point you are referred to as the people with all the junk in their yard and your last name … [Read more...]